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Hendersonville, NC

FighterWithin Mixed Martial Arts, LLC

115 C Four Seasons Mall Hendersonville, NC 28792

[email protected]


Meet Your Trainer

Leanne Hensley Noland 

Operating Owner and Sensei

5th Degree Black Belt Godan Karakido Karate

Certified Personal Trainer

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter/Instructor.


I first developed an interest in kickboxing when I moved out at the age of 18. I began at a local karate school that specialized in Karakido Karate.

 I quickly realized that not only did I need the lessons taught, but I also had a passion for them. After about a year of training, I began to compete at a local level. After winning numerous matches, I competed and won in bigger venues. I have been fortunate enough to have had several trainers that positively influenced my life. I have become skilled in Mixed Martial Arts with their guidance, especially Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Judo, Karakido Karate, and Krav Maga.

In April of 2006, my life changed with the birth of my child, Mason. My path of instruction changed. I realized that I had a unique set of skills that made me feel confident as a parent and female and an extreme passion for sharing these skills with other people and children, and with this, I began my passion as an instructor. I believe that EVERYONE has a "Fighter Within" themselves if they challenge themselves to release it. Therefore, FighterWithin was born.

I am a very unorthodox type of trainer, and I thrive on challenging my students to their fullest potential. What I offer is not for the weak of heart but rather for the warrior who strives to build a mind stronger than any muscles formed. I also believe that your body is a work of art, and with proper nutrition and formation, it can perform as a well-built machine, IF you will condition it to do so.

A native of Hendersonville, North Carolina, I graduated from West Henderson High in 1997. After graduation, I attended college and attained certifications and accreditation in Massage Therapy, Early Childhood Development, and Business Management. I work closely with firearms and instruct others to acquire the same passion for safety and proper use. I was awarded my first degree Shodan Black Belt from Grand Master Roger Yarborough in September of 1999 and presently am a third-degree Black Belt (Sandan) with the hopes of receiving my fourth degree in the very near future. In 2021 I received the prestigious award of Leading School and Leading Master Marial artist of the Year through the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. My level of training and achievements continues to this day as I believe a true teacher never stops learning.

Karakido Karate : $139 per month 

Originating from Karakido Karate, this Christian based, highly disciplined Karate teaches self -worth, confidence and control. Karakido is great for any age (4 and up). While this art focuses mostly on upright striking, groundwork and grappling are also incorporated into our training.  I have taken the discipline of Karakido Karate and blended it with my personal touch and the knowledge of many skills in mixed martial arts to ensure the best form of Karate for children and adults.

Rilion Gracie Elite Brazilian Jui-Jitsu: $125 per month

Now enrolling students for Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. Taught by Tott Otarola-Nietzen, Black belted out of Rilion Gracie Jui-Jitsu. Brazi​lian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a unique style of martial arts which is based on ground fighting and submission holds and focuses heavily on self-defense. All ages and levels of experience are welcome. Open Roll mats are also available throughout the week upon request. $5/mat fee.

Muay Thai Kick-Boxing: $20 per class/$155.00 per month

 This is an MMA style kickboxing class that targets every muscle in the body!  Kickboxing classes  develop body coordination, flexibility, balance, focus and self-defense. We use heavy duty kickboxing bags so when you are kicking and punching, you are striking a hard surface which sheds fat while building muscle. 

Ages 12 and above are welcome to participate.

*You can bring your own gloves or you can rent mine for $1.00

Basic Self Protection and Awareness for Women Level I: Cost $59

My class targets females of all ages, strengths, and sizes. I have a background in martial arts and a history of competitive fighting. My class consists of basic but more importantly, realistic movements derived from different styles of martial arts.

I feel confident that you will leave my class feeling stronger and more aware of your inner strength. I teach you practical movements that anyone of any physical condition can do.

These classes are smaller, providing a more intimate environment that enables you to learn quicker. Our hands-on involvement allows us to practice on real body parts, not a bag!

This class differs from others due to the fact that we work with adrenaline. When you are under attack, you will more than likely become frozen in fear because your adrenaline reaction shuts down any knowledge that you may have been taught. However, in my class, we practice actual attacks so that you can become familiar w​ith adrenaline and re-challenge that energy into a positive force of protection.

It is recommended that you take this class several times to ensure that you program your muscle memory. Self Defense is something that you can remember, but you must practice to retain those skills. PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT!! 

Advanced Self Protection for Women Level II: Cost $59

In these classes, I cover a lot of pressure point striking and ground attacking. This class can ONLY be taken after you take the "Basic" class. I highly recommend this class to ALL women, considering most fights and attacks will end up on the ground. 

During this class, you will learn how to grapple and fight in the worst situations possible. I teach you simple, quick and easy moves to ward off any size attacker. This class is a must!

Little Warriors Kid's Self Protection and Awareness: (Ages-3-7) Cost $49

In today's world we need to make sure that our children are protected when we can’t be there to protect them ourselves.

This class is designed to teach self-discipline and safety. My method comes from a background of respect and avoiding combat. 
Topics covered include family plans and family passwords with children, self-protection moves, "stranger-danger" and 911.  Parents are welcome to attend but only if they are not a distraction. I LOVE this class because it gives children the confidence needed at that age and prepares them for the adolescence stage in life. This class is amazing for children with ADD and other conditions that challenge their energy levels.

Some of the things we talk about are:

  • Bullies
  • Strangers
  • Knowing their full names
  • Using Kid identification kit
  • Child vs. Adult attacks
  • Family secrets
  • Family passwords and plans
  • How to respect each other
  • Gun Safety (how to recognize)
  • Car Safety

Young Buck's Kids Self Protection and Awareness: (Ages 8-16) Cost $49

As children mature, the potential for conflict increases.

This class is designed to help build confidence and self-protection. My method comes from a background of respect and combat avoidance. However, I also teach how to handle situations that stem from adolescent behaviors. I cover family plans and family passwords with kids, and teach self-protection moves with respect. This class provides young adults with inner strength and skills to succeed in life. It has been shown to help with school activities, family troubles, energy output, stress management and communication.  

Kids Elite Club: (Ages 3 and older) Cost $20/day or $90/week*

This program offers drop-in care for your little ones while you train at our gym or run some errands.

We are now accepting applications for kids ages 3 and up (must be potty trained)

*Program starts May 2nd. contact the school for registration and more information.

On -on-One Total Body Training: Cost $65 per session

Everyone is built differently and so should their workout. No matter the age, gender or fitness level of an individual, I offer personalized training to meet your specific needs around your time schedule. What makes one -on -one training so great is we work together to find your inner strength and then focus that strength to achieve goals beyond your expectations. 

Boot Camp Training: (ages 4 and up) Cost is $20.00 per class

No excuses here! This type of training is for the true warrior at heart. I have designed my very own Boot camp course that is designed to get you fit and fast! There is NO gym equipment here!!!

Bootcamp is designed f​or functional muscle training so instead of a machine that isolates one muscle, this type of training works your entire body at the same time. Cosmetic muscles from the gym look pretty but they are useless. Functional training builds your strength while sculpting your body at the same time. A typical class can include flipping tractor tires, throwing sandbags, and swinging sledgehammers!

Of course, for the young warriors, this class is quite different, and workouts are catered to their little bodies. I start teaching at age 4, so children are instilled with the importance of being fit and healthy. It also builds incredible self-confidence and self-worth! Since I have my own family, we all participate. I welcome your whole family to join to get everybody on track in life and fitness, not just one member.

Whether you have been training for years or just getting started, this course is awesome!!

We will offer more dates and times after the spring time change due to lighting. This class is at my home and is scheduled to change at any time without any notice. You must call first to take this course and directions will be given at that time.


Home Invasion Awareness Mock Break-in: $95

This exercise is to bring awareness to the faults of your home and increase security. In this activity, I will give a time frame of 3 hours. You will not know how or when I will break into your home. It is up to you to catch and find me. Without the use of weapons, of course. Afterwards, I will show you exactly where the faults of the security are so that we can address them and fix them.   

Birthday Parties:

Let us plan your birthday party "Martial Arts Style"! Do something different and special for your child on their birthday. Your birthday child and all their friends will enjoy 2 hours of Martial Arts activities. This type of party is designed to get the kids moving and having fun without knowing they are working out!

We provide the invitations for your party, pizza if desired, decorations, cleanup, AND we also give a special gift to everyone at the party. The birthday child will receive a "one on one" private Karate session. The guests of the party will receive 2 FREE weeks of Karate at our school.

"Little Kickers" (1-10 Kids) $145.00

($15.00 extra if we provide pizza)

Includes invitations, decorations, and Karate passes, cleanup. This party includes 1 hour of Karate fun and 1 hour for opening gifts on the Karate floor, and refreshments.

"The Roundhouse" (11-15 Kids) $165.00

($25.00 extra if we provide pizza)

Includes invitations, decorations, and Karate passes, cleanup. This party includes 1 hour of Karate fun and 1 hour for opening gifts on the Karate floor, and refreshments.

"The Knockout" (16-20) $185.00

(30.00 extra if we provide pizza)

Includes invitations, decorations, and Karate passes, cleanup. This party includes 1 hour of Karate fun and 1 hour for opening gifts on the Karate floor, and refreshments.

We are able to provide this service at any time of any day.  Call us today to schedule your next party!

Parent's Night Out:

Need a date night out with your spouse? Got errands to run? Last minute end of the week "to-do's"? Or do you want to just spoil your kid with a fun and active evening? Drop your kids off at 6pm and pick them up at 9pm.  Dinner will be provided as well as activities centered around martial arts.

See Calendar for future dates!

*Current students receive a $5 discount.

Infrared Sauna Sessions: $10/session or $30/unlimited use for the month

Get your sweat on! The health benefits of saunas include detoxing, cleansing, weight loss, joint pain, muscle pain, stress relief and overall, well-being. Sauna use will be available at any time during operating business hours. Amazing for  Book your session today!!  

Packages :

Packaging services together is a great way to save money and fully utilize all that our gym has to offer. Please check out our "Packages" page for more information.

Scholarship Program:

I understand that we all have financial troubles. If you are needing training sessions but are having troubles affording them, please let me know. I will do my very best to help any situation!


115 C Four Season's Mall

Hendersonville, NC 28792

This location is my public location.



Monday thru Saturday 9:00am-7:30pm